Eagle’s Nest Airport has a 4000′ paved and lighted runway
Taxi from your oak-studded rolling hills estate to the Eagle’s Nest Airport. Eagle’s Nest has a 4000′ x 100′ paved, lighted runway with a 1200′ overrun. This facility is ideal for a wide range of aircraft, including most corporate jets. Jets limited to 83 db. (This includes all turbofan business jets.) North overrun: “1,300 ft. full structural paved 1,300 ft. x 50 ft.”Runway & North Overrun,asphalt: South Overrun, Hard compacted graded dirt.

This Airport is in the National Airport Systems Plan for airspace allocation & carries State of California Airport License. FAA information for Eagle’s Nest Airport is published here.

FAA Identifier: CA20
Lat/Long: 38-25-49.6790N / 121-00-53.7930W
38-25.827983N / 121-00.896550W
Elevation: 220 ft. / 67 m (estimated)

Airport Operations

Airport use: Private use. Prior permission required prior to landing. Contact Dave Wardall at 209-274-9160.
Activation date: 10/1988

Airport Communications

Eagles Nest CTAF 122.7, unmonitored

Nearby radio navigation aids

VOR radial/distance VOR name Freq Var
LINr342/21.4 LINDEN VORTAC 114.80 17E
HNWr198/21.6 HANGTOWN VOR/DME 115.50 17E
SACr075/25.2 SACRAMENTO VORTAC 115.20 17E
ECAr355/36.6 MANTECA VORTAC 116.00 17E

Runway Information: Runway 1/19

Dimensions: 4000 x 100 ft.: 1,300 ft North overrun, 2,200 ft South overrun
Surface: Runway & North Overrun,asphalt: South Overrun, Hard compacted graded dirt.
RUNWAY 1 Traffic Pattern : LEFT
RUNWAY 19 Traffic Pattern : RIGHT
RUNWAY 1 No Power Lines
RUNWAY 19 Power Lines Underground
RUNWAY Lights MIRL, unpublished discrete frequency, owners only. (Full 5,000 volt Medium Intensity Runway Lights)

Airport Ownership

Ownership: Privately-owned
Owner: Eagle’s Nest Owners Association
PO BOX 1539
IONE, CA 95640
Phone 209-274-9160